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Engagement Programmes

 The media landscape in Tanzania and elsewhere in the world has changed so much that media cannot work in isolation. The rise of citizen journalists who are using various handy and sophiscated devices in telling stories cannot be overemphasized. Moreover, the Internet has influenced change on one way, in the way people access information and on the other, the way the information is shared. Nonetheless, still not many people have access to information and or media spaces where they can freely express themselves and their ideas.

 Similarly, many people still are ignorant on the better way of using media hence end up in creating irreparable damage. Consequently, online spaces have created room for abuse especially for vulnerable groups such as women, girls and children, which led to the adoption of stringent laws such as Cybercrimes Act to criminalise digital communications. Hence it has resulted to a polarised media which has created passive citizenry with no or little interests to issues related to media, human rights, transparency and democratic governance.

Our Programmes include;


Public engagement:

  • Citizen Journalism Clubs
  • Kijiji Storytelling Labs
  • Media Literacy Darasa
  • Analindwa Safe App